January 01, 2014

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I enjoy working on all parts of LaserU but there is one section that I really dig into and love to add content to.....and that is the Project Center. It is so fun to think of creative ways to use the laser to create new and different products. If you have any neat products that you have seen or have created yourself....let me know! Please send me an email with any ideas you may have for Project Center additions. Pictures will be extremely helpful and even DRAW files, if you have them. And you will receive credit via this newsletter and your name (if you wish) being included in the lesson itself.

Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at Pen Fixtures. This comes from our Project Center lesson titled Pen Fixture.

I have had many people ask me over the years the best way to engrave pens on a high volume. When you have several pens to engrave, why do one at a time?

This pen fixture is easy to use and all LaserBits pens fit in it. Additionally, a DRAW file with the template for the fixture is available for free!

pen fixture


For more information on this product see the Project Center.

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