April 01, 2014

Greetings:LaserU Turns 8!

I started with LaserBits on January 3, 2006. My job was to get LaserUniversity up and running. There had been two people in my position previously and LaserU was still not online. Talk about pressure! I was entirely new to the laser engraving industry, so I had to teach myself to laser engrave while creating LaserU to teach others how to laser engrave! I honestly thought my job would last about 6 months. I mean how much could there be to laser engraving? Well, the joke was on me. LaserU launched on April 15, 2006 - eight years ago - and I am still learning about this industry.

Mike, my boss and co-owner of LaserBits, was ahead of his time.....and he usually still is. He knew there was a large gap, in terms of education, in the laser engraving business. His vision of creating LaserUniversity was chided and rebuffed. I certainly am glad he rarely listens to naysayers. I love working on LaserU. My children have gone from infants to ages 7 and 9 on my engraved examples inside the lessons. They do not know life without laser engraving. "Hey, mommy, can you engrave my Kindle, my bat, dog tags for my friends, a frame for my teacher?"

Here's to the longest 6 month job I have ever had!

Laser Spotlight

Stayed tuned for May's newsletter as we are rolling out something new and exciting!

Since we are celebrating 8 years of LaserUniversity this month, we have a special promotion that will last from April 15 (our anniversary date) until April 30. The current cost of a 3-month LaserU subscription is $89. For new subscribers, you can sign up for $69! Existing subscribers, don't fret! We have a special for you too. You can renew (add on 3-months to your existing subscription) for $59! Even if you are not near your renewal date, you can call in and get the deal. We will adjust your expiration date.

Here is the skinny:

  • Phone orders only
  • 3-month subscription (or 3-months added onto existing subscription)
  • Call in between April 15 - 30 (only valid on these dates)
  • New subscribers - $69
  • Renewals - $59

I look forward to my next 8 years with LaserUniversity and LaserBits. Make sure you are with me! Take advantage of this crazy special.

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