April 6, 2007

CooperIt has been a while since our last newsletter update. Since then I had a baby boy, was on maternity leave and am back and ready to rock and roll! Now, in addition to, seeing “Tyler” engraved items you will start seeing “Cooper” engraved items! He was born December 28, 2006.

Survey Results LaserU Icons

Our recent LaserU Survey yielded a lot of great information.

From this survey we have compiled a great list from you, the subscribers!

VideoVersionFor question 5 of our survey we asked how you liked the videos included in lessons that contain CorelDRAW skills. We had a few respondents answer that they did not know we had videos. In the Learning Center look for this icon below the Materials section to see if it contains a video. When you see this icon, click on it!

In the Corel Center you have to look at Checkmarkthe grid to see if a printable and/or video version is offered. It will be denoted by a red checkmark.


We have also had inquiries about printing out the lessons in the Learning Center. The printable version is available in the Materials section as shown below in red.


Current projects
I am working on three exciting additions to LaserU. All three are slated to launch in late May 2007.

  • The Project Center – this area will feature single project ideas for your own showroom and items to offer your customers
  • Your Laser System- this area will feature specific information on laser systems. We will launch with information on three brands of lasers and increase in the future.
  • Material Kits – we are creating kits of materials to coincide with the materials used in The Learning Center. Now you will be able to order the materials and work right along with the videos!

Please send questions and comments to laseru@laserbits.com

See you next month with our next The Laser Engraver Newsletter.