May 01, 2009

What's New?

This month has seen the addition of several things to LaserUniversity. First, we finally have a discussion board inside LaserU instead of having to use and external one. Please visit and start posting and answering questions. You can find the link labeled LaserU Forum at the bottom of the left panel of links.

Next, I have added two exciting projects to the Project Center. They are Coasters and Greeting Cards. I have had a tough time deciding which to feature below as I thoroughly enjoyed creating each lesson the seeing the resultant product. While I decided on highlighting the coasters, I wish for you to check out the Greeting Cards as well.

I am looking at adding Course 16 about stamps in May. If you have any ideas for me on what to include as far as product ideas, please email me at

Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at Coasters. For more information you can see the Project Center item titled Coasters. There are three levels of Coasters - Novice, Intermediate and Experienced. Here we will look at the Experienced example.


These spiral coasters are made to interlock
Spirl Coasters
Set of six coasters interlocked, stacked and in a holder that has a color filled company name.
Stacked Coasters

For more information on how the above was completed, visit LaserU's Project Centerand see Coasters.

Please send questions and comments to

See you next month with our next The Laser Engraver Newsletter.