May 15, 2007

We have some big projects in the works for LaserUniversity! You will be seeing these changes at the end of May. Read on below for more information. These changes will occur overnight and should run seamlessly. You will be able to see a difference in the left navigation menu with the options available but LaserU, itself, will continue to run the same.

The Project Center Your Laser System

CorelCenterThe Project Center is where you will learn how to create specific products and come away with product ideas for your business and customers.

Keep in mind that this area will not provide details steps in Corel DRAW as it focuses on the project and product itself. For more detailed instructions on DRAW or PAINT skills, visit The Corel Center.

If you are interested in a particular project/product and do not see it, please send us an email.

This section will get you up and running with the brand new laser you purchased. It will also provide tips on better performance for existing laser engraver owners.

Understanding your Laser System is extremely important for producing great results. This section is a must for all laser engravers. Even if you have laser engraved before, this course is a great refresher.

To launch, we will begin with one laser from each Epilog, ULS and Trotec.


Feature Articles

Since we will be adding new items to our left navigation menu we have decided to do some "housework" on it. Instead of continually adding items and letting the left menu become too long and unwieldy we are beginning to condense some options into categories that (hopefully) make sense. When our new sections, described above, roll out we are going to move several sections into one section titled Resources. Under Resources you will find Ask the Professor, Terminology, Select Readings, the LaserU newsletter and Weblinks.

Material Kits

Go to Materials listed in the left navigation menu in LaserU and it will link to a list of items needed to complete our 12 courses and lessons inside the Learning Center. The materials are broken down by course and lesson and items are grouped together in kits sold by LaserBits.


Please send questions and comments to

See you next month with our next The Laser Engraver Newsletter.