June 03, 2008

The newsletter this month is look over our survey and out newest addition of updating the videos in LaserU. Don't forget to check out the MultiMat in our Laser Spotlight.

Updates - LaserU Survey Videos - we have improved our Videos!

It is time for our quarterly survey about LaserU. A link for it will be emailed to you tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4). You will receive a link, in the email, to click on and will be asked 10 questions that will Survey Monkeytake approximately 5 minutes of your time. The link in the email will take you to the host of our survey at SurveyMonkey.

Past surveys we have done have yielded The Project Center, printable versions of all of our lessons, more information on photo engraving, the Corel Center and much more. The surveys are very important to us. Most of our changes have been as a result of subscriber feedback. We look forward to your continued interest in helping us improve.

The program we use to create our screen capture videos was updated recently, therefore, we have re-processed all of our LaserU videos in the Learning Center, Project Center and Corel Center! Quite a task!

Now all of our videos have control buttons so you can fast-forward, pause and rewind without having to watch the whole video over again. Phew!

There is also a feature to make the video full screen size! I know some of you have reported back on our surveys you wish the videos to be large. We create the original videos to fit the most common monitor size in most homes/businesses today. But now you can make it full screen with the click of a button. It may distort the image some, but the overall quality is still strong.

How is this done?

When viewing a video, click on the button in the lower right corner of the video that looks like to cross arrows.

full screen

Where Can I Find.....?

Don't forget about the great Search feature of LaserU! Often it can be hard to know where to look for an item - the Learning, Corel or Project Center! Even I (the creator) sometimes forget where I placed a piece of content! I use the Search tool. It is located in the left panel below the menu items. Simply type in what you need and hit "Enter" on the keyboard. You won't waste time searching anymore. Let us do it for you.



Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at the MultiMat. This comes from our Project Center item title aptly - MultiMat.

The MultiMat is a naturally sticky plastic material that holds thin materials flat in the laser. Press the product onto the mat and it is ready for cutting so it does not curl in the system due to the intense heat of the laser. The MultiMat is a fabulous product that helps to keep thin items from curling or the small cut pieces of items from blowing away into the exhaust and catching fire. Yikes!


Simply put? It saves time and materials by keeping them flat during engraving and cutting.




For more information on the MultiMat see the same name item in the Project Center.

Please send questions and comments to laseru@laserbits.com

See you next month with our next The Laser Engraver Newsletter.