July 01, 2009

What's New?

I am excited to finally bring you Course 16! This part of our Learning Center is all about stamps and stamp products! I know many people have been wanting this information and have awaited the creation of this course. In it we cover Premium Laser Rubber, Delrin Sheets and Hot Stamp Die material. We even include stamp ideas for breaking into the Scrapbooking industry!

Don't forget that last month we added a discussion forum inside LaserU. It has seen a little traffic but not as I had hoped. I think you can really benefit from being able to interact with each other in this area. Give it a Go! Please visit and start posting and answering questions. You can find the link labeled LaserU Forum at the bottom of the left panel of links.

Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at Stamps. For more information you can see the Learning Center course titled Stamps.

Course 16 covers rubber stamping material, hot stamp die material, Delrin sheets, ideas for scrapbooking applications and more.

Here are some examples from Course 16

Rubber Stamping

Rubber Stamping Material

Delrin Sheets

Delrin Sheets for embossing

Scrapbooking ideas

Scrapbooking ideas

For more information on how the above was completed, visit LaserU's Learning Centerand see Course 16: Stamps.

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