July 02, 2012

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I hope all is well with you this month. We are very busy at LaserBits and LaserUniversity. My biggest project, at the moment, is working on Course 20 for the Learning Center. My hope is to be able to launch it late July and feature it here in our August newsletter. It is all about Crystal & Glass....and let me tell you I have been finding new and exciting uses for these amazing products. So stay tuned!

Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at Color Fills. For more information you can see Course 6 Lessons 4 & 6 and Course 7 Lessons 4 & 6.

The process of color filling has been often elusive over the years. New materials have become available that make the process more reliable on a wide variety of substrates. The basic idea is to laser engrave a base material to create a recessed area. The recessed area is then filled with a liquid color and the top surface wiped clean to remove any extra color to create a professional addition to any engraved product.

Excellent results can be achieved by learning which base materials are compatible with different color fill materials to create a finished product that is affordable with minimal effort.

Color Adds Value
The process of adding color to laser has become increasing simple with the availability of specially formulated products. Customers like the special look of gold, silver and rich colors on their gifts products and will pay for the added brilliance. Sometimes just adding black to an engraved product can help the detail the laser produces to stand out like never before.

Color Fills
Step 2
Step 3

For more information on how the above were created, visit LaserU's Learning Center and see Course 6 Lessons 4 & 6 and Course 7 Lessons 4 & 6. For adding color to stone, marble and granite see the Project Center for a item titled: Color - adding it to stone, granite and marble. For glass, see Learning Center Course 20 Lesson 7.



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