October 01, 2008

The newsletter this month will look over current survey results and at another new feature in CorelDRAW that appeared with the newest version - X4.

Survey Results Where can I find....?

One item that comes up frequently in our quarterly surveys is the suggestion of adding a discussion board and forum to LaserU. We are currently looking at different scenarios to support this idea. We are also looking into have this particular feature available to both subscribers of LaserU and non-subscribers. While I cannot make a guarantee, we hope to have more information on a discussion area by month's end. Look for an update in our next newsletter.

Some of the other common requests are for items that are already in LaserU! See the Search feature (in the next column) for ways to locate what you need.

Don't forget about the great Search feature of LaserU! Often it can be hard to know where to look for an item - the Learning, Corel or Project Center! Even I (the creator) sometimes forget where I placed a piece of content! I use the Search tool. It is located in the left panel below the menu items. Simply type in what you need and hit "Enter" on the keyboard. You won't waste time searching anymore. Let us do it for you.



Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at Font Identification & Installation. This comes from our Corel Center item titled - Font Identification- found under the Novice section.

Learn how to identify a font when a customer gives you a item that they want replicated!

Take an item like a business card:


And let the What The Font?! function complete the work and identify the correct fonts!



It works like magic!


For more information on Font Identification see the same name item in the Corel Center.

Please send questions and comments to laseru@laserbits.com

See you next month with our next The Laser Engraver Newsletter.