October 3, 2007
We are entering into a very busy time of year with the holidays just around the corner. This newsletter will help with ideas on making the holidays profitable for you!
I want information on ...... Updates

In our latest survey we received information from you (our subscribers) on what topics you wish to see in LaserU. Several of the topics requested are already in LaserU! Below you will find a list by topic and where to find it in our online site.

Search FeatureRemember you can always use the search feature to find information - it works just like a search engine. It is located below the left panel menu (indicated by the yellow box in the image) and you type in a word or phrase and hit Enter on your keyboard. It will come back with results and direct links to locations inside LaserU.


I am currently nearing completion of a new training resource CD for LaserBits on Decorating with a Laser. This CD has been so much fun to make. It will be priced around $40 and you guessed it.....I will be adding the content to Laseru in the month of October!

I am excited to share with you the fun things I have been up to. The CD includes the following topics:

A - Color Fills
C - FlexiBrass
D - Laser Foil
E - Shell Laminates
F - Wood Thins

One item I really enjoyed was decorating my laptop computer with Laser Foil! Check it out - this can be a real money maker for you!

Here are some requested topics and where to find them in LaserU:
Photo Engraving/Information & PhotoGrav Learning Center Course 5
Corel Center varied lessons
Scanning Photos Learning Center Course 5
Creating Templates Learning Center Course 4
Working with Photos Corel Center Mainly in PHOTO-PAINT section
Basic skills in DRAW Learning Center Courses 2, 3, 4
Corel Center Novice section
Marble & PhotoGrav on marble Learning Center Course 8

Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at Holiday Ornaments.

In this spotlight, we will look at the different substrates upon which ornaments can be created - glass, wood & acrylic.

Ornament Designs
LaserBits offers over 80 ornament designs that can be engraved & cut on wood or acrylic - 4 designs are given free in Course 12!
Acrylic Star
Acrylic snowflake - color filled in blue
Glass shape - CerMark Tile & Glass Marking Solution used
Wood Star
Wood Star - red Laser Foil used
Wood Collage
Gingerbread Man - color fill used - other ornaments shown not decorated but available on the Ornament Designs CD too.

For more information on how the above were created, visit LaserU's Learning Center and see Course 12.

Please send questions and comments to laseru@laserbits.com

See you next month with our next The Laser Engraver Newsletter.