November 01, 2011

Things to keep in mind:

The holidays are upon us! Don't forget about all of the creative ways to make ornaments with laser engraved products. What you can produce is better than what can be found in the local Hallmark store! Why? Because you can personalize your ornaments in way manner. Course 12 is all about ornaments. Check it out!

Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at three software programs. This comes from our Learning Center course 19 titled -ArtWelder, NameIt Suite & BoxIt Suite.


Here is what I have to say about each program:


I have always enjoyed this program. This updated version of ArtWelder really sings! I love being able to batch process, create ornaments, medallions and more in a matter of seconds. The speed with which ArtWelder takes my settings and converts it into a complex design is great. If I don't like the outcome of my original settings, I can go back in (with the settings in tact) and make changes - quickly. Every creation can be as unique as you are.

NameIt Suite

What I especially like about using this suite is that I can complete functions of repetition on designs of any shape or size. Using other programs, such as EngraveLab, limits the user to doing text substitution and serialization on primarily rectangular shapes. The program is super user-friendly and easy to use -even easier than doing the same functions in DRAW. That is the best part - the ease. Settings can be saved and recalled at a later date to replicate work.

BoxIt Suite

Um, wow!!! You can actually build stuff! This program does require patience and time in learning the ins and outs. But did I say, you can build stuff? Want to make a box? Draw in one, simple rectangle, enter in the settings and the program magically (ok, not magic, but mathematically) creates a layout for a three dimensional object that press fits together.

For more information on Ornaments see the Course 19 in the Learning Center.

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