December 03, 2012


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I hope your holiday sales are doing well! Don't forget about Course 12 in the Learning Center all about holiday ornaments in glass, wood & acrylic and adding color to them.

Laser Spotlight

Each month we showcase an item, product or skill from LaserU. We give a summary of the item and provide links for more information. This month we will look at Masking Materials. This comes from our Project Center. Scroll to the bottom and look under the section titled Information Please.

We are often asked which type of mask to use with what type of product. Below are the three mask materials we use here along with a photo to show it in use. Masks are a great way to keep a substrate clean and safe from smoke residue. They are also a terrific way to lightly engrave (barely even marking the mask and not touching the substrate at all) to test-engrave for positioning. This enables you to not ruin the substrate.

Green Laser Tape:
The Green laser Tape is used often for color filling applications, but is also excellent for sandblasting.

Green Mask

Paper Mask Medium Tack:
The Medium Tack Paper Masks are most often used as cutting masks - protecting the surface of the item being vector cut (from smoke residue).

Paper Mask

Polyester Flex & Rigid Masks:
The Polyester Flex and Rigid Masks are both used primarily for sandblasting applications.

Red maskLaser

For more information on Masking Materials see the Project Center - scroll down to the very bottom in a section titled, Information Please.

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